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Using the old hand held Flash Boards and Runners to score your meet? Why not use our wireless electronic scoring and display system. Gymnast score is entered via a keypad at the judges table. The score is displayed on electronic score boards. Score Keypads operate by wireless therefore they can be carried from table to table. No annoying LAN lines to layout and tape down - improved safety. Reports will be printed within minutes of the last score being given by the judge and verified. New features now include on-line streaming of results to this site. Link from your Web site so parents can view updated results every 30 seconds!

Score Board Specs:

  • Each Board stands 6 feet high
  • They can be located together or next to the judges table.
  • Each sign displays the following:
    • Gymnast Number Gymnast
    • First Name Initial and Last Name
    • The average score up to 1000th
  • Custom messages of any length can be displayed.
  • Custom Countdown Timings can be displayed.
  • Open Scoring: both judges scores displayed and then the average.
  • Ideally must be located near 110volt AC outlet.
  • Each board has its own 12volt DC power supply.
  • Connected via a LAN line to the central computer.
  • Can operate wirelessly (no LAN cables).
  • Stands can be adjusted to sit on top of tables for extra height.



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