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ProScore - Upload scores to MyUSAgym

To post meet scores to the USAGym website "MyUSAgym" - a meet will have to be setup in ProScore. The information below is required to accomplish this.

Meet Information:

Name of Meet:

Start Date:

End Date:

Meet Director:

Pro Number:

Club Number:

Meet Sanction Number:

API Number (from USAG Website):

Director/Club email address:

Number of execution judges per event:

Facility/Location where meet was held - Name:

Address - Street:




Gym Club Phone Number:

Gym Club Fax Number:


Some of this information could be obtained from the meet program or flyer. If that is the case - just send me the links or pdfs.


Session 1: Level(s)?

Session 2: Level(s)?

Session 3: Level(s)?


Flights: One Flight: A   or  two Flights: A & B


Example of ProScore Sessions:

Session Manager

Age Divisions:

What are the Age-Divisions:



Has each Level the same Age Division for ALL Sessions.



Has each Level different Age Divisions for different Session.



Age Divisions

Age Determination:

What are the Age Determination dates for each level.



Age Determination


The API code is allocated by the USAG when the meet is sanctioned. It is an eight digit code in this format: ####-####. Go to your registration page and click on the "View" button to reveal the code.


API Number


Gymnasts and Scores:

Export Gymnasts and Scores as an Excel Spreadsheet and send to me as an email attachment. The format shown below is the way ProScore Exports and Imports Gymnast's information and scores. Note the Column Headings - these headings names are not critical.


First-Last-Gym-Event-Level-Birthday-Age-Age Division-USAG-Session-Squad-Scratched

E1Final=Vault   E2Final=Bars   E3Final=Beam  E4Final=Floor  AA=All Around


  • Age: Is optional as it can be worked out using the Birthdate in ProScore.

  • Age-Division: Is optional as it also can be worked out using the Birthdate in ProScore.

  • Event: Is optional as the default is "Women".

  • Scratch: Is optional if there are no scratches.


It would be a tremendous help if the information is exported as below!



Send the exported XLS/CSV file to: ("brian@scoreyourmeet.com").



The above is a work in progress. I will try and refine the information needed as we go along!






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