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What do I need to Score My Meet with ProScore

Here is what you need in equipment to run ProScore.


Laptop running Win 8 or Win 10. Must have HDMI port, Ethernet port, and two or more USB ports.


Laser printer connected by USB. Also purchase extra toner cartridges.

Printer Paper

One ream of paper would be enough for a weekend meet.


Router should preferably be Dual Band - 5Ghz @ 1.3 GBps. The router is used to communicate with the iPads (iKeyPads). Router connects to the Laptop using Ethernet Cable - do not use the WiFi Connection.

Ethernet cable

3 foot cable connects from Router to Laptop. Usually included with purchase of a Router.


iPad (iKeyPads)

4 iPads which are referred to as iKeyPads. Software must be iOS 7 or higher. Go to the App Store and download the ProScore App - Free.


Charging Cable

Ensure iPad purchase contains a charging cable and preferably a charger.

iPad Protective Cases

Purchase protective cases for the ipads. Ensure cases have a stand at the back to prop up the iPad.

Battery pack

4 Battery packs which are used if the iKeyPad battery gets too low during a Session.

Multi-port USB Charger

Used to charge the iPads and Battery packs.


Size 55+ inches. Should have HDMI input port (this is standard on today's TVs)

HDMI Cable(s)

HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables - 50foot or 100foot length. Connects from laptop to TV. If more than ONE TV is being used, then purchase more cables.

Power Cable/Strips

2 x Power cables 50foot or 100foot. Connects from wall outlet to Laptop and TV. Also one Power Strip for use at the scoring desk - power for: Laptop, Printer, USB Charger, and Router.

ProScore - The following must be purchased from aegroup.com:

1 x ProScore: $399

Version 5.x.x. The latest version is 5.6.1 which can be down loaded from aegroup - Free

4 x iKeyPad license: $479 each = $1,916

iKeyPad can be programmed in ProScore (meet setup) for 2, 3, or 4 score input - Judge#1 Judge#2, Judge#3, and Judge#4.

1 x Plasma License: $299

The License is used to activate PasmaGen to broadcast scores from the laptop to ONE TV. Each additional TV license is $99.

When 2 TVs are connected to the laptop - VT UB can be displayed on one TV and BB FX on the other. 2 TV License: $299 + $99 = $398

USB to HDMI Convertor

If broadcasting to more than ONE TV - then a USB to HDMI Convertor would need to be purchased. This would be connected to one of the laptop's USB ports and the second TV with a HDMI Cable.


HDMI Splitter

Used to display the SAME score to two or more TVs.

Wireless HDMI

Replaces HDMI Cables with Wireless. Just connect a short HDMI stub cable from your laptop to Wireless Transmitter and another short HDMI stub cable from the Wireless Receiver to the TV. Plug and Play. From: www.actiontec.com Separate power source is required for the Transmitter and Reciever.

Screen Projector

Display scores/results to large screen using projector that has HDMI input.




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